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Best Heavy Duty Plastic Dog Crates | How To Buy Dog Crate

There are various ways to go about purchasing a medium or heavy duty plastic dog crate. If you will be getting your new dog from an online source then it is best to check the seller out carefully. Many times there are refund/replacement policies that will apply to your purchase should you have to send your dog back to the store due to any reason. It is always good practice to ask questions when making a large investment like this one. Always read through all of the information provided to you before deciding on the purchase.

best large Dog CrateMy personal choice for the best heavy duty plastic dog crate is the Bruteforce Pro Series Heavy Duty Steel Dog Crates. The Bruteforce Pro Series features steel walls and a foam center with a locking system for extra-tight security. It also has two removable, fully lined side panels that can be used as a “bunkie” compartment for those long, tiring days.

This article will cover the Bruteforce Pro Series Heavy Duty Plastic Dog Crates. In my own personal opinion the most feature packed of all the Bruteforce dog containment systems is the heavy duty plastic dog crate tray. The plastic is extremely thick and durable and can support up to 300 pounds of weight, so even if your pet is very large or heavy this will work well. This plastic is also crush resistant which adds to the overall protection.

The actual divider panel that comes attached to the crate can be replaced with one of many dividers available. You can get one that attaches to the top of the crate, ones that slide in and out and even fold away for easy storage. You can also find ones that are made from metal. This is the best way to protect your dog during travel, and it can easily be removed and cleaned if need be. Some metal crates even have an added locking device on the top door for extra security.

One of the most common complaints about the Bruteforce series of dog crates is that they are often too short for most dogs. It is important to note that this isn’t just the size of the dog crate. The weight capacity is an important factor in finding one that is right for you and your pet. Some are three and a half inches tall, while others are only two and a half inches tall. Finding one that will be comfortable for your pet is very important.

You can also find sizes medium, large and extra large. The extra large size is generally good for larger pets that are still very small, while the large sizes are great for very active, very large dogs. They typically will latch on both the top and bottom with a side release, but there are some models that have a side release only.

For people who are concerned with durability, you should look at the welded construction of the crates. There are a number of models available that will have reinforced welds for extra strength. These models are typically heavier, but they will hold up under more use than those that aren’t made out of welded steel. If you want to be sure that the crate you buy will last, you should definitely consider one that is heavy duty. Many of these crates come with a five year warranty for all of the welded parts.

The welded construction and extra durable extra large sizes are great, but there are also other features that will help your pet. Some of these features include the ability to lock the sides of the dog crate in either tight or loose positions, as well as the sloped front door that provides easy access. In addition, you can choose between different exterior colors, including black, navy blue, and even an antique brown. Most of the time the color you choose will also be reflected in the price of the heavy duty dog crates, which is nice because you aren’t paying too much to get something that will last longer. To find out more about the Pro selects heavy duty plastic crates, check out our Pro selects dog crate review.

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