How to optimize YouTube videos and improve your search ranking?

YouTube is used by more than a billion users and is watched billions of videos daily. Getting the user’s attention on this huge platform can seem daunting. However, if you promote the video correctly, the effect can be enormous. What affects YouTube search rankings and how can they be improved?

First, put the right keywords in the title of your video and use a tagline that interests your users. The wording at the beginning is important because about 150 characters are displayed by default in the description of the video. Also, if you use subtitles etc., it will be viewed by more people. Many other factors affect your search ranking, such as views, comments, and high/low ratings.

You also need to pay attention to areas that are not visible to the user. Specifically, the file name and meta tag of the video are applicable. In addition, it is said that videos that have been viewed a lot in a short period of time tend to have a higher search ranking. Videos that are “reported” as malicious videos will, of course, be ranked lower.

You can also take measures to raise the search ranking for each “channel” that summarizes a series of videos. If you create a channel as a company and post videos about your company or product, make sure you deliver consistent content and a consistent message. Having a unified title, tag, description, and theme will make it easier for users to find your video. In addition, the Increase number of subscribers, views, bookmarks, etc. of the channel is affected by the search ranking.

The utilization of channels is essential as a method for improving search ranking. Not only on YouTube but also on email and social media, if you set up a link to the channel, users will be able to reach a series of videos. In addition, comments on videos affect the search ranking, so if you encourage comments in the video or in the description, you can expect to contribute to the search ranking.

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