Nikon D700 Review

The Nikon D700, superb digital SLR, is a professional-grade camera, also suitable for experienced amateurs. Released in July 2008 it was made, in a smaller way, on the model of the Nikon D3. It uses the full-frame CMOS sensor like its sister D3 with a resolution of 12.1 megapixels. Its peculiarity is to be the first “compact” among Nikon’s professional reflex cameras.

Nikon D700 in its market segment, it finds the worthy opponent Canon EOS 5D Mark II, a camera that additionally has the function for recording video. Nikon D700, to its advantage, has 51-point autofocus and weather sealing, elements that make it a respectable model. In fact, its ability to adapt and resist in the most difficult climatic situations is proven by numerous testimonies.

Unlike the D3 for the Nikon D700, there is a different shutter with lower exposure capacity, a different viewfinder prism that covers only 95%. Also at the rear, due to the smaller space, the D700 loses the LDC info panel and a CF card slot.

Nikon D700 back but from its the D700 gets the auto-cleaning function of the sensor, the new generation shutter, and the built-in Flash that takes away any concern for images underexposed or in low light conditions.

Overall, it looks a bit like the “little sister of the” D3 with less functionality and a fairly high price compared to its competitors.

From his, there are the good characteristics of solidity and indestructibility, as well as the precision of the autofocus and the reduced noise. The opinions regarding its robustness and resistance are a unanimous chorus of consensus, so for those who want to be on the safe side with a camera of proven consistency this choice is one of the most appropriate.

Nikon D700 top, however, the lack of the double CF slot penalizes it a little for the lower memory possibility, and also the battery, lower than the competitors, does not favor an optimal performance. But coming to the images, its sharpness is full-blown, in fact, with its very high ISO sensitivity, it reaches excellent quality.

The versatility of Nikon D700 makes it suitable for any situation, even in the face of sudden changes in temperature and adverse atmospheric phenomena it manages to get by very well. One of its flaws, in the opinion of many amateurs, is the cost that is still too high compared to the already somewhat dated model. In addition, the comparison with the competitor Canon 5D Mark II sees it a bit ‘less in terms of focus in fast passages such as bird flights or sports events. With Canon it is possible, even freehand, to create clear images, while with Nikon D700, in these cases, it would take a monopod.

Nikon D700 left side however, we cannot forget the good quality of the D700 such as the multi-exposure, an important factor for those who love taking landscape photos that, with this camera, stand out in an excellent way. Its dynamism and ease of use are also among the best on the market, in fact, its good ergonomics determines safety, manageability, and comfort.

Overall Nikon D700 is the ready and suitable camera for any environment that knows how to extract beautiful and well-defined images from its “magic hat”.

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