With All These pistols available, It’s important to work out which pistols are brand new or still relevant in 2019

Ather than ending up using a pistol with outdated characteristics that have been surpassed.


5. WE 3PX4 Compact gas Pistol

As suggested by the title, this pistol is one of the smallest on the market but it does still provide a fantastic kick when fired.

There are replaceable grip pads to match the dimensions of your palms along with the magazine release is detachable to be fitted to match left and right handers.


4. WE Hi Capa 5.1 Black Dragon GBB pistol ( Type B)

This semi-automatic pistol’s stand-out slide design gives the gun a exceptional look among other pistols but it’s substance as well as style.

It may be run on both Gas and C02 magazines and is very comfortable to hold, providing a precise shot using a sharp recoil.

If that’s not enough, there are quite a few options to customise the pistol internally and externally with a number of compatible accessories and upgrades available.


3. ASG CZ P-09 Black

This double action, full size copy of a pistol is designed to be held in one hand without losing some of its performance.

The pistol is more comfortable to hold and fires easily.

The rail is incorporated into the design of this rifle permitting for the mounting of accessories such as a laser or light.

The three dot ironsight makes it simpler to spot targets that, alongside the adjustable hop-up, improves the accuracy of shooter.


2. Tokyo Marui USP GBB Gas blowback

The gun may not look unique but there are a range of features which improve the operation of the pistol.

The 15mm cylinder combines stable shooting with a strong recoil if you select single or double action whereas the magazine catch lever can be adjusted to suit right and left handers.

The safety and decocking system gives the user the ability to lock the hammer in full cock or change from complete penis to half cock.

An undermount rail is included in the purchase of the gun which allows for the adding of attachments into the gun such as flashlights.


1. TOKYO MARUI — Desert Eagle .50AE (GBB)

The Desert Eagle includes a recognisable iconic look and title known among airsoft players and whoever has played with a warfare video game.

Regardless of this, the pistol is simple to use and carry as it is a lightweight weapon using a smooth grip, making it a good choice for running and gunning on the battle.

The flexible hop-up permits you to boost its range and to add some backspin, making it capable of attaining goals up to 100ft.

At a cost of 160, the pistol is in the medium price range of pistols therefore that it represents good value for all that it provides.

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