Twitter publishes new data on video ad performance

You’ve undoubtedly heard about this before, but the video is the most effective type of content across all social platforms, and Twitter is no exception. According to research, video tweets generate 10x more engagement than non-video tweets, while promoted video tweets save more than 50% on CPA.

If you can create video content, you should – and this week Twitter posted some new ideas on exactly how you should look in order to use different video ad options to maximize your campaign impact.

As part of a new study, in collaboration with MAGNA Global and IPG Media Lab, Twitter recently conducted a large-scale study of its various video ad formats, examining ad frequency, exposure, multi-format consistency, and more.

Twitter posted its results in three parts – here we covered the first element, which looked at using multiple formats in a single campaign. The next two elements look at exposure by format and identify the strengths of each video ad format separately.@ Buy Now More Likes: buy 1000 Facebook page likes

Here’s what the study shows:

First, about the video format sequence – Twitter has found that to get the most out of your video campaigns, brands should ideally start with their premium First View video promotion option, then use Amplify and Promoted Video. supplement the main message.

According to Twitter:

Given the fact that First View grabs attention, using it as a first impression results in a 25% increase in ad engagement. While the First View serves its primary purpose of raising awareness equally, whether viewed first or second, it is 27% more economical in driving consumer intent than when other formats are used first.

Of course, not all brands can afford the First View campaign, which ensures that your ad is the first that your target audience sees on their home timeline when they sign in. Twitter says that the costs of First View campaigns can vary significantly, but given the initial placement, you can expect a higher price. As such, it may not be an option for all companies, but the data shows that if you can, First View is the best option to maximize your video campaign reach.@ the best payment gateway don’t worry about online payments.

The first view is also the best format for getting the most attention, as evidenced by eye-tracking tests:

When ads are seen in First View, the eyes are captured on the video itself. In Amplify and Promoted Video formats, people get additional information like account name, tweet text, and engagement metrics.

Compared to controls, [both Amplify and Promoted Video] create an unforgettable experience (Amplify + 33% AD memorability, promoted videos + 59% AD memorability), but each has its own strengths. Amplify expands awareness to a wider consumer group by increasing awareness of new products by 8% and increasing the number of research targets. The video promoted helps to increase positive brand opinions, for example, + 18% cultural associations and + 9% perception of a “good quality brand”.


Overall, Twitter emphasizes that when used in combination, strategically and cumulatively, using different video ad formats in each campaign will have the greatest impact. But individually:

The first View is the best option for building brand awareness, memorability, and buying intent.

Amplify helps build brand awareness and research goals.

The promoted video reinforces associations and brand perception.

So you can see how they work in combination to get your messages home, but even on an individual level, each can play a key role in maximizing your promotion, depending on your goals.

These are some interesting ideas that add to various aspects of Twitter video ads. Again, the cost is an important factor, but according to your budget and goals, these results can help you better navigate your advertising approach.

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