What Is Purple drank Lean?

Purple drank is often called lean, also called purple drank, illegal acid drink, and various other names. It is made from mixing prescription-grade cough syrups with a soda and dark candy. The concoction became very popular in the underground hip hop culture or those that live in the south or in Texas. You have to drink purple drank with extreme caution because it is a psychoactive substance that can be deadly if too much is ingested.

purple drank lean

Although many people are not aware of it, many legal drinks have ingredients that are very similar to purple drank. This is because they have been copy-catmed. Many are trying to get it to taste like the drinks that are made illegal in their areas. Some brands are even being made overseas in countries such as China.

As soon as I found out that purple drank is being made overseas, I immediately called the police. Apparently it has become very popular in Japan and other Asian countries. Unfortunately, due to shipping regulations, drinks cannot be shipped overseas and must be shipped within a certain number of miles from the port of origin.

There are many stories on the internet about purple drank. One states that a young lady died from taking this drink. Another states that her husband overdosed on it and died of bronchial pneumonia. This drink is extremely dangerous and must be severely restricted. It could cause death, or something far worse.

Thankfully, many authorities have taken action against this substance. California is one of them. Recently, the state created a legal framework for those with chronic ailments to purchase and consume legally without fear of prosecution. There are still many more jurisdictions that will likely follow suit. Many medical experts believe that this is only the beginning, as this is only a small legal portion of the illegal drug trade that is distributing this substance illegally.

Luckily, many people have suffered from the side effects of this substance. However, there were many people who never experienced these problems. It will take many years for society to clean up the negative consequences of this substance. Perhaps we can all agree that it is important to do so before it even becomes too late.

Even though the government has done a good job of cracking down on this illegal industry, we are still seeing many people who are selling this product illegally across our country. Unfortunately, the problem is not going away any time soon. Many law enforcement agencies have done little to stop it. In many years, our legal system will need to take on more stringent measures, including stricter laws regarding prescription drugs, in order to protect our youth.

If you or a loved one are concerned about this prescription drug called purple drank lean, it would be wise to talk to an attorney today. You can contact me at anytime through the internet. I’ll be sure to help you find out what your next step should be. The world can be a scary place, as many parents will attest to. With that being said, it is important to stay positive and know that there are still ways that you and your children can stay healthy.

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